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How long do I have to complete remaining hours of courses? Can I change the course I originally enrolled in?

You have the flexibility to select any courses that fall within a 2-year window from the start date of your current ongoing course. This allows you to upgrade to the RYT 500 program and complete the remaining required course hours for RYT 500 certification. When enrolling, you can choose any courses initially. If you decide to switch to a different course or batch before it commences, you are entitled to one free transfer.

For instance, if you decide to switch from the 300-hour Yoga Therapy course to the 300-hour Advanced Hatha Yoga course, you can do so without paying an administrative fee (HKD 1000). or if you enrolled to Kids Yoga Course in Feb 2024 and wish to change to Kids Yoga Course November 2024 bach youc an do that. We offer one free course transfer or batch transfer if you wish to change.

It’s important to select a course that starts within the 2-year period so that you can complete all 500 hours within the given time frame. However, once the course you enrolled in has started, you cannot transfer to another course or another batch.

Please note, when deciding to switch course or batche, please be aware that your group and Andiappan Yoga classes for the upgraded courses will stay in the originally assigned batch.

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