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Arrangement for your Group Class Membership during the study of the YTT

I have an annual membership at Anahata Yoga and would like to know what is the arrangement with the membeship during the YTT course?

If you sign up for a YTT course, the number of group and Andiappan yoga classes will be added to your annual membership and the expiry of your annual membership will be extended. 

Those with coupons will have additional group and Andiappan yoga classes in addition to their normal coupons.  They have an option to give the balance of the coupons to a family member or friend who is NOT an existing member of Anahata Yoga.

If you wish to give it to a friend,  please WhatsApp the person’s name, mobile number and email address to +852 5614-8323.  You have within seven days to make the transfer from the date of your YTT registration and payment.

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