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I was very initially before starting the YTT course because I got a lot of weakness in my asana practice. This course has totally changed my understanding, both my mind and body. It changes the meaning of yoga to me. Yoga is a lifestyle and it is not just asana. Anahata Yoga is special and different from other yoga schools. The Andiappan Class is unique, great and useful for my future teacher life. All the masters are very nice, encouraging and welcome to share their knowledge with us. They are patient to teach and answer my question. I enjoyed learning every part of the module from the masters. I really feel the time flies. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the masters who taught in the past three months - Master Yogananath, Master Raja, Master Vishnu and Master Mahesh. Having an opportunity to learn from Master Yogananth is a gift in my yoga journal. The profound knowledge you have taught me is unforgettable. The teachings and experience shared in the class are precious for me, the explanation and the demonstration in the module of Asana practice in detail. In short, it is marvellous. You learn a lot each time when you attend his class. Master Raja is interesting and he gives a great start and great introduction to the Teacher Training course. He taught me in the first lesson is Eat well Sleep Well and that is discipline. The anatomy module taught by Master Vishnu is impressive and detailed. The interaction in class between him and us is very entertaining. Master Mahesh is patient and explains very detail and deeply. I am thankful to the masters I met in group classes and andiappan classes. I am grateful to learn from all masters I met in Anahata and I will never forget what Masters taught me. Thank you masters for giving me a memorable and fruitful yoga journal in the past three months.
Student ID : 2021000608

I absolutely enjoyed the course and imbibed each and every part of the modules. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Master Yoganathan for sharing his teachings and experience, I felt a state of bliss with your sessions. . He taught me the right technique to do many poses including headstands and helped me build confidence. Thanks to Master Keshav for the pranayama and meditation module, Master Raja- Thanks for giving us a great start & introduction to the basics of Yoga, loved your energy and vibes. You led us by the right examples of Yama and Niyama :). Master Vishnu and Master Dilip - I'm glad I got an opportunity to learn anatomy from you. Master Mahesh - thanks for teaching us the asana module and going deeper into each asana. Areas of improvement: The learning book could have been a little more organized. TAlso, it would have been nice if a general sequence to practice asana's at home was shared or documented in the coursebook.
Student ID : 2017000039

I am grateful that I have completed my 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training at Anahata Yoga. All the masters here are super knowledgeable, always willing to share their experience with us and be supportive whenever we need assistance. Apart from learning different asanas, I also learnt about the yoga history, eight limbs of yoga, meditation, pranayama, kriya, mudras and yogic anatomy. I truly love all the perspectives shared by each master, which enlighten me in different aspects and I consider this as the most valuable thing I have learnt in this course. A big Thank You to all masters for showing me what yoga is and bringing this to my life.
Student ID : 2021000770

I am so glad that I took this intensive full-time YTT 200 course. Within the three weeks of training, we have learnt so much, from yoga philosophy to practising asanas. All the masters were knowledgeable and inspirational, and the coursemates were supportive too.
Student ID : 2021001214

It was a wonderful way to realise my dreams - taking my first steps in becoming a yogi. Joining this YTT course taught me a lot in both anatomy and practical classes. It deepened my level of understanding of Yoga and the depth it entails, bringing good spirits, mindfulness and positivity. Everyone was so encouraging and I had the most fantastic time. I loved every moment and felt very thankful for this opportunity. This course has prepped me well to continue following my dreams. All the masters are so enthusiastic in teaching and were so helpful in providing a welcoming atmosphere. I will definitely come back for my next level of training. Thank you so much to all my beloved Masters, you have been an inspiration.
Student ID : 2021000829

Anahata Yoga is the go-to studio when it comes to teacher training and for serious yoga practitioners in Hong Kong. Having completed two teaching training courses at Anahata, I decided to continue the journey and completed the 200 hours of foundation training. Within a short period of time, we learnt about yoga history and philosophy, the eight limbs of yoga and how we can incorporate them in our daily life, pranayama and meditation, kriyas, anatomy, as well as a wide range of asanas, how we can further deepen our practice, both for our own selves and for our students. The flexible programme schedule enables working professionals to participate in and benefit from the course fully.
Student ID : 2020000540

Gratitude to Anahata I feel so lucky that I have joined Anahata and I am so grateful to all the masters at Anahata Master Yogananth for your profound knowledge that has deepened my cognition for yoga and applying it in my daily life. His expertise in various topics on yoga including asanas opened my eyes even more to yoga as a lifestyle as well. Although his classes are difficult to book I learned a lot from each of his classes and felt so happy and content. And also very grateful for your useful advice on my teaching assignment Master Raja’s classes are so interesting and he is so humorous that making me no feeling of tiredness after class, and he is always focused on opening each part of our body rather than the final asanas. I learned a lot of warm ups from him, and he lead me into a deeper yoga level while the YTT theory. Before his YTT I only focused on asanas practice too much that I hurt myself, now I slowed it down and find the balance between asanas and my mind . I feel happier than before. Master Pratyay’s classes are always so energetic and powerful, and He stated my curiosity in inversion yoga and from a beginner to an intermediate level I think, also he has made me conquer my fear of falling down when practising. I enjoyed every class of his. Master Kammy is always so sweet and patient to all the students in each class and she even spoke mandarin to help me in her class (because my spoken English is poor ) Thanks to Master Dilip, Keshav, Vishnu, Mahesh and so on … for your helpful and well-structured instruction and technique, you all have helped me a lot in my yoga journey. I am also grateful to the studio staff at Anahata, you all made me so welcome in Anahata. Finally, what I have gained from Anahata is not all about yoga, but also I learned to be more patient and confident which leads me to be a better person in life. Also thanks to Anahata I made some friends here which make my life enriched
Student ID : 2021000655

After these 3 months of yoga theory learning, l would say that I have found the right yoga class to learn all over again from the basic knowledge in the right way which helped me to deeply self-analysis my own contraindication while reaching the pose, and the YTT class has also provided me with a chance to explore the yoga history theory and human anatomy that all beyond my expectation. I do really enjoy all the group practice classes with all the instructors they always encourage the student to reach the final pose and build up the further pose and modify the pose based on the body limitation. I was suffering the lower back pain for a long period, and I have an unbalanced ear fluid issue which always make me feel I could never do any inversion headstand and side crow post, but still, all the steps from warm-up to final pose that I have learned in the group class was not a stressful process, I feel the progressing every week little by little while practicing at home with the correct movement, now I confident enough to do the shoulder stand, crow pose, flying frog pose all can stand for 5 breathing. Thanks to all the masters they have shown me the different ways to achieve the pose by knowing my body limitation.
Student ID : 2021001029

I learnt about the history of yoga, the meaning of yoga. Also, I learnt a lot of asana which were taught step by step with very clear instructions.
Student ID : 2021000917

I am obliged to all the teachers at Anahata for being the guide in my Yoga journey: • Master Vishnu for inspiring me to enroll for AYTT and sharing his multi-dimensional knowledge, wisdom and positive energy throughout the course • Master Keshav for being an exemplary yoga teacher whose teachings I found addictive so much so that just listening to his voice was therapeutic, an experience that many other fellow students shared as well • Master Mahesh, Master Raja and Master Kammy for their friendly and well-structured instruction and focus on form and technique • Master Keith, Master Dhiraj and Master Anurag for focusing on the essence of yoga and instilling discipline • Master Anuja, Master Prataya, Master Federica, Master Dilip and Master Carol for their teaching • Master Yogananth for sharing his profound knowledge, wisdom and yogic experience to bring Anahata Yoga Teacher Training to bear and make it a substantial transformation experience within and beyond the studio - I also express my heartfelt thanks to the studio staff at Anahata for running such a smooth operation and taking care of student needs.
Student ID : 2021001046

it is very happy to join this yoga teacher training course. All masters are very experience and nice and willing to adjust your posture and your mindset as well.
Student ID : 2021000762

The course is very informative and useful, each asana is dissected well. All masters are knowledgeable. very kind and patient. Suggest using props (eg skeleton model) when teaching anatomy for an easier understanding.
Student ID : 2021000763

Most people think when you finished a 200hrs YTT teaching kids should not be a problem, But teaching kids is very different to teaching adults. Most kids are hard to control and sometimes not able to focus. But in this kids yoga teacher training I learned the knowledge and skills how to teach kids of various age groups. The teachers of this teacher training are very knowledgeable and experienced in teaching kids yoga. Especially Master Yogananth has unique skills to introduce yoga to kids and learning from him is an amazing experience. I very much enjoyed the kid's yoga teacher training and I look forward to teaching kids and assisting the masters in the kid's yoga class. We taught and interacted with kids during the very memorable teacher training. But when we learn more skills from Master Yogananth, you will find many interesting tips to keep children focused and obedient, I enjoy the kid yoga.
Student ID : 2020001247

Thank you for bringing me a great journey to yoga.
Student ID : 2021000302

Very holistic and lots of key information. Not just a course for yogis, it also contained a lot of information on treating wellness and overall physical and mental health.
Student ID : 2021000666

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