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Hear what our past and present students have to say about our Teacher Training Programmes.

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YTT course gives me a whole new perspective of yoga, the instructors are all so knowledgeable and they are able to answer my questions, i would love to continue my yoga journey with Anahata Yoga Masters even after the course is finished.
Student ID : 2021000694

I have searched a lot of yoga teacher training courses from different yoga centres, Anahatayoga got me moving to join, not only there are many courses to choose from, the course is taught by multiple experienced teachers who represent various yoga lineages from India and most of them are highly qualified with Post Graduate, Masters and PhD qualifications in Yogic science. In fact, I made a good decision. I had a really fantastic experience in my yoga journey when I joined this course. Although I'm not good at English and not a young person, all experienced masters have their professionalism and patience to explain really well. Each master also has his characteristics and advantages, they made me open my mind and become more interested in Yoga, and also let me understand more about my own body. Meanwhile, I really enjoyed taking group classes and andiappan classes. Practising with different masters made me learn more and made my body more flexible and capable in just 3 months. Master Mahesh, Raja, Master Yogananth and Dilip, Thank you so much. Namaste.
Student ID : 2021001270

I would say the YTT 200 hours course is great! Time passed so fast! At first, I thought 200 hours would be a very long way, but then, I just couldn't believe it has come to an end so soon. The atmosphere of the class is great, interactions with the masters and classmates made both learning and teaching fun! I also got sufficient chance to practise in front of the whole class before the final assessment, I like the group class as there are a variety of yoga classes I can choose from which are very flexible, and I can focus on the part that I am more interested. If andiappan classes can also offer more time slots, then that would be perfect!
Student ID : 2021000933

The Yoga therapy course was very informative. I really enjoyed the entire experience and the deep knowledge shared by all the Masters. I was really amazed by Master Vishnu's deep knowledge in the field of Ayurveda. Though I feel there should be more practical information given in the course. But I understand yoga is life long learning. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to gain more knowledge in the yoga teacher and yoga therapy field. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you, Anahata!
Student ID : 2015001044

Again, this yoga teacher training has exceeded my expectations. Besides the already traditionally high standard of the qualifications of masters in Anahata (no need to mention absolutely stunning professional qualities of Master Yogananth as a head yoga teacher), during this course, I was especially amazed by Master Vishnu's deep knowledge of Ayurveda and his ability to interconnect the knowledge of other areas as even the astrology, western medicine and of course yoga. I can only recommend Anahata to anyone interested in getting profound knowledge in the yoga teacher and therapy field. It was such a nice experience. Thank you! I would definitely like to continue with some of the other training. I've already completed the basic YTT but I think the advanced hatha yoga level is still too much for me and i am not ready. I think the Pranayama and meditation YTT would suit me the best. Unfortunately recently I have been increasingly busy with my business so I will have to wait until I'm a bit more free. But at least this one I'd like to attend for sure.
Student ID : 2021000182

Thank you to all masters for the great support during levels 1 and 2. It was an eye-opening learning experience. Can't wait to start the journey with level 3 for deeper learning.
Student ID : 2020001220

Thank you for all masters in the course and all of you help me to have better learning in yoga. I love to learn and grow here. Will continue my journey with Anahata Yoga.
Student ID : 2021001043

I love how passionate the yoga masters are about yoga practice and a healthy lifestyle. I have been inspired and will keep learning and better myself.
Student ID : 2021000445

Joining this Yoga Therapy Teacher Training has been a wonderful experience that made me love yoga even more. The course was very informative and enlightening- yet quite practical and fun. I particularly enjoyed exploring Ayurveda and learning how yoga therapy can be applied in people’s daily life to manage pain, prevent and treat certain health conditions. I also enjoyed improving my breathing and meditation techniques and practicing hands-on adjustments. Thanks to Master Yogananth, Master Vishnu, Master Dhiraj, Master Raja, Master Anurag, Master Hazel and Dr Gowri for sharing your thorough knowledge and own experiences with your heart. As a regular practitioner of yoga with Anahata for 6 years, I feel deeply grateful to you all for guiding and inspiring me in this life-long journey. Namaste.
Student ID : 2016000146

My gratitude to Anahata Yoga Let me begin by saying thank you to all the masters and staff for being patient with me throughout my learning process. Anahata Yoga is one of my favourite yoga studio with wonderful and experienced masters, beautiful space, as well as a variety of classes that are perfect for any level of experience. • Master Yogananth is a humble, authentic and generous teacher; he has energy and true passion for his teaching, wanting to educate and inspire others. He so eagers to share everything he has learnt so that others could also experience the same wonderful benefits. • Master Keshav knows how to teach and empower students. Rather than just teaching us certain poses, he helps us understand the learning processes involved, as well as the principles of practice, so that we learn to understand and listen to our own bodies. I left with one more knowledge of yoga every time after his classes. • Master Raja’s sense of humor always makes the classes full of joy. His enthusiasm for teaching and preparedness that brings to the teacher training courses are really appreciated. The class always feels very thoughtful and I really enjoy the way he weaves yoga philosophy into each classes. • Last but not the least, thank you to Master Dilip, Master Vishnu and Master Mahesh for guiding me to walk through the yoga journey with grace and passion. • I’m so thankful and happy that I joined the YTT training with Anahata. Thanks to all masters who knows how to take care of every students in the class. This course is a fantastic learning experience that incorporates education, fun, and a sense of community and equips you to enter the yoga world with tools, confidence and enthusiasm. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking for a certificate with authentic knowledge.
Student ID : 2021000883

I have been practicing yoga for 3 years. Before I applied for RYT-200, my expectation of a teacher training course was just merely about doing difficult asana and improving my alignment. Yet, RYT-200 is a totally different thing and it changed my perception of yoga entirely. Yoga is not just about asana, but its anatomy, philosophy, teaching skills, ethics, sequencing more and more. they are the roots, the foundation. Before TT, when I practised yoga, I just followed what the teacher do in the class without thinking why the flow is structured like that. But now when I’m practicing, I will think about what part of the muscles I’m using and why a particular pose must be followed as a counterpose or neutralizing pose. The course influences my thinking to judge what is good for the body and what is not. Another thing I got from the course is that teaching yoga is hard. Even the seemingly easy poses, mountain pose, child pose or simple breathing exercise… when I cue for the first time during class, I was just babbling and I knew cueing requires tons of practice, effort and observation to other yoga teachers. I also enjoy the variety of RYT-200 masters. Each master has a different style, eg. Master Mahesh is very slow and explain everything in detail. One time in his Andiappan class, he was taught to transition from headstand to baby crow. I’ve never properly done this pose before. And when he’s here in the class, with a very slow vibe, I magically did the transition. He let me realized the importance of a calm mind without ego. More and more. With different styles of masters, it opens my mind and I can know more about what suits me the most and better improve myself. Yoga is not about how good you are but the attitude you approach doing it. It is effort, consistency and a calm mind.
Student ID : 2021000830

When the class started on the first of August, I thought that I could not complete the course; because I was working on shift duty. Fortunately, my superiors and colleagues gave me convenience and allowed me to have holidays on Mondays and Wednesdays. Therefore, I was able to attend the class. I Thank you Master for allowing us to video for recording. Every Master is good at teaching. The last three months I enjoyed the class and learned so much related to Yoga. Once again thanks to all Masters!
Student ID : 2021000685

This course has well equipped me with the important basic knowledge on the practice of yoga through the main modules: yoga history, human anatomy, types of pranayama, mudra, bandha practice, and asana practice with each module intertwined with each other. It was a great experience having different masters in each module for diverse learning and approach and particularly enjoyed the final assessment where we could actually experience leading a class!
Student ID : 2021000033

I am truly grateful to have completed the teacher training course this year. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the Anahata yoga masters who have generously shared with us their knowledge and experience during this wonderful journey. Thank you for unveiling the power and principles of yoga, and for showing me a new dimension with endless opportunities and possibilities. Although the course has officially come to an end, I am going to keep practising patiently, calmly and happily each day to seek consistent improvement. Namaste.
Student ID : 2021000508

I want to take the time to say “thank you” and express just how enjoyable the YTT course was with Master Raja, Master Vishnu, Master Keshav, Master Yogananth and Master Mahesh. I felt I connected with each one and learned so, so much from them. They are all true masters of their craft and I am grateful for the energy and time they all gave to coach me during my practice. I sat through each class with eagerness and excitement and have honestly not felt so invigorated in a long time since starting the course. Through attending class and engaging with each master my yoga practice has improved significantly as has my confidence. I am proud to begin my teaching journey here and hope it will not stop there. Highly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to learn properly from the foundation and if you have a goal to teach to one day.
Student ID : 2021000683

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