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Hear what our past and present students have to say about our Teacher Training Programmes.

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The teacher training course learning experience I had at Anahata Yoga was wonderful. Although most of the course was conducted online as a consequence of the pandemic, all of the masters were excellent at giving clear and precise instructions in online classes. Thanks for helping me have a better understanding of yoga.
Student ID : 2021001391

The course we are taking is quite good because master provides me with options and is always encouraging me to do my best. The course is on the mark in every aspect. The online learning has its own challenges and advantages. But its great learning experience for me. Thank you
Student ID : 2021001568

I am very grateful to have joined the YTT course even though I haven't been practising yoga for long. The teachers here are great masters and they provided a lot of theories on yoga, which gave me a holistic view of yoga development and practices. I no longer feel my back pain under the guidance of the masters to achieve correct poses. I highly recommend this course to others.
Student ID : 2021000711

The course imparted to me a great deal of knowledge about Yoga. In his explanations, the teacher expressed very clearly how the entire body functions. The way he explained things was very concise. In addition, I enjoyed the practice of asanas and breathing teachniques in this course and I now understand my body well and how to practice yoga safely.
Student ID : 2022000035

The course gives you the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the meaning of yoga, its history and its origins, as well as the direction at which to develop that knowledge. I really learned a lot from this course, especially about asanas, pranayama, yoga therapy and how yoga can be taught to all types of individuals.
Student ID : 2021001466

This is the foundation course of yoga teaching training. I have learnt the history, lineage, anatomy, pranayama, practice of basic asanas and teaching techniques of yoga, which broadened my horizons and deepened my understanding of yoga. With gratitude to all the masters for teaching me with the wholehearted. Namaste
Student ID : 2021001467

I had a great experience in this 200 hours of yoga teacher training. The course is well structured as it covers the history of yoga, anatomy, asanas, pranayama and practical classes. The masters are professional and kind. This course provides the fundamental and in-depth knowledge for preparing someone who would like to be a yoga teacher in the future. I believe I will attend other YTT courses because I had a great and formative time.
Student ID : 2021001377

The 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training course is a rigorous training that gives a comprehensive overview of the anatomy, history, theory, pranayama, kriya, mudra, bandha, meditation and asana of yoga to students interested in deepening their learning and sharing their learning with other students. What makes this course exceptional when compared to the trainings offered by other yoga centers would be the authentic yoga perspective offered by the teachers, many of whom were trained by the renowned Guruji Dr. Asana Andiappan himself and educated in yoga and sport as an academic discipline. The instruction given shows clear connections to the life sciences and is suitable for professionals such as physiotherapists and academics dedicated to those areas of expertise. The teachers were always willing and ready to answer any questions students might have regarding every macroscopic and microscopic detail with patience and humility. The included 40 group classes and 30 andiappan classes ensure that students are continuously following practical training alongside the intensive theory hours. I have seen tremendous improvement in both my practical and theoretical learning in the short three months. The only advice I would give is perhaps to focus a bit more on teaching techniques and sequencing as those were limited to the last two lectures before the assessment. Perhaps a glossary or a sample script of some common phrases used in instructing yoga can be given to students as a reference. Other than that, the course has been a fruitful and eye-opening experience and I highly recommend that passionate students dedicated to deepening their yoga practice join this course.
Student ID : 2021001554

This teacher training course has been a great learning experience for me. There is so much effort put into making sure our classes run smoothly at the school, the staff, and the teachers. I find the content and teaching methods very useful for my practice and I look forward to practicing regularly at the studio.
Student ID : 2021001540

It was a wonderful experience to learn more technical skills and knowledge of yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques. The course learning was very helpful and productive.
Student ID : 2021001378

While I am learning the lessons, I feel like I am in a peaceful and calm state of mind. This has been a new and inspiring experience for me. The only pity that I can think of is that we can only conduct half of our classes online, which is really frustrating due to government's covid 19 policy. I am grateful for all the knowledge that I have acquired, but would appreciate it if you could arrange some workshops for students who are affected by the pandemic and get them involved in the teaching process. I am grateful for the arrangements you have made. Namaste.
Student ID : 2021001418

The YTT200 has been a valuable journey that focused not only on the physical aspects of yoga, but also the history and meaning behind meditative and breathing practices in yoga. The course instructors were patient and organised in their teachings and gave students guidance every step of the way to make asanas more attainable for every level. These lessons will definitely serve to be a great foundation for future practice. I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to begin their yoga journey seriously.
Student ID : 2021001410

From learning about the philosophy and history of yoga, to discovering the benefits of embodied movement and mindfulness, I’ve taken on a journey of intense self-discovery and introspection. This journey is shared with a close group of peers, and a feeling of community and connection knits together the inward and outward journeys of finding and teaching my truth as a yoga teacher. Thanks for giving me the chance to be part of the learning journey.
Student ID : 2021001415

It has been a wonderful journey into the knowledge of yoga in many aspects - history, anatomy, asana, and pranayama. As a result, I have deepened my curiosity about this ancient philosophy and practice, and it has opened up a multitude of other questions to me, making me desire to find the answers to them while applying it to my everyday life. The masters were all very friendly and knowledgeable, which led to a very interesting and fun environment for learning about and practicing yoga.
Student ID : 2021001403

Taking part in this yoga teacher training has been a great learning experience since there is such an inspiring and knowledgeable team of teachers involved. I am grateful.
Student ID : 2021001379

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