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Hear what our past and present students have to say about our Teacher Training Programmes.

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After taking the 200 hours teacher training, it has enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of the Indian culture and the eight limbs of yoga. Meditation is an area where I hope to explore more in the future. If you are seeking a deeper understanding of yoga as well as yoga as a holistic practice, I highly recommend Anahata yoga.
Student ID : 2021001566

As part of my 200-hour YTT program, not only did I learn asana poses, but I also learned yoga philosophy, yoga history, and breathing techniques. In addition to the wonderful masters who deliver all the knowledge deeply and in an interesting and practical manner, this yoga journey has completely changed how I live. Thank you for all your assistance. I highly recommend this training to any yoga student who wish to deepen their knowledge in yoga.
Student ID : 2021000643

I enjoyed learning the teacher training and all the classes that comes with the training. The teachers at Anahata Yoga as full of knowledge and skills. The teaching style is very efficient and there is a wonderful learning environment. Its inspiring to see how students progress in their practice here. My favorite module in the teacher training is the teaching technique module, and the advice from the teachers is very helpful.
Student ID : 2022000131

I'll start by saying that honestly, I've been practicing for a few years and finally feel I know what I'm doing! I also started self-practicing, which was one of my goals as well. During this past month, I learned many new things and am eager to learn more- I have always been fascinated by naturopathy, nutrition and alternative medicine, so I was delighted to attend the Anatomy classes with Master Vishnu. He mentioned Ayurveda briefly, which I just started exploring a while ago, and I am eagerly awaiting the next workshop to participate in. In addition, I have to say that all the masters were very patient, professional, and kind. Thank you for a wonderful and inspiring experience!
Student ID : 2022000215

I really love the learning experience of the course. The teachers team is caring and professional.
Student ID : 2022000189

This was an educational course in all aspects. I very much enjoyed having been taught each module by different masters who are specialists in different ways, I found it was so fortunate to experience that. What I have learned throughout the course was so interesting and will be helpful for my Yoga practice in future. Thank you very much, all the masters for wonderful lessons, and all the helpful staff at the reception and cleaning staff for providing us such comfortable learning environment.
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Student ID : 2022000175

The course was very enjoyable for me. I enjoyed being taught by all the yoga masters and found them to be extremely patient and knowledgeable, and they were helpful and patient in explaining not only the asanas, but also the wider meaning of practicing yoga and how to incorporate it into our everyday lives.
Student ID : 2022000152

Hatha yoga is one of the most life-changing styles that I've ever tried. It has given me a lot of knowledge and so many new perspectives that inspire me to think and see more. Thank to all Anahata Yoga masters for the very inspiring yoga journey.
Student ID : 2022000232

The teachers are patient and inspiring. We practiced in a safe way, and I have noticed a big improvement in my asana practice. In addition, I feel more confident about teaching others. Thank you for the opportunity!
Student ID : 2022000123

This YTT course has exceeded my expectation. The modules on yoga history, pranayama and anatomy contain very useful knowledge and are very informative. I became very interested in these topics and eager to read more on these. The course is well structured and balanced that span sufficient time on each important aspect. Both the masters and students are very supportive in my study journey. It is a very rewarding experience.
Student ID : 2022000196

It has been a great and fulfilling experience participating in YTT! Every class has been fun to attend and I have gained a lot of knowledge about yoga and the practice.
Student ID : 2022000127

It has been quite a rewarding journey for me! I am grateful that I found Anahata Yoga for my first YTT training course. It is nice to see so many students practicing here on a regular basis. The teachers here are knowledgeable and very professional It always a pleasure for me to attend the classes because the teachers take great effort to provide us with a deep level of knowledge along with clear guidance. I am happy to learn from them, whether it’s their teaching style or the way they impart knowledge. I particularly enjoy Master Raja's classes. Thank you all!
Student ID : 2022000101

This course was extremely comprehensive and practical. All the masters have a very wide range of knowledge and expertise that blend really well together in providing us a holistic training experience. I had to complete the course online due to unexpected, pandemic related, change in circumstances. However, this did not impact any of the lessons or knowledge imparted. I am very grateful for this experience. I will defenitly cotinue my practice with Anahata Yoga and learn from the Masters.
Student ID : 2022000012

The YTT-200 by Anahata Yoga provided me with a very enriching experience not only on learning & environment, but also extended my interest in yoga. I enjoy every moment in the class. Teachers are very knowledgeable and skilled. In addition, they are very passionate and patient to teach, explain and demonstrate. I would highly recommend this class for anyone who is interested in enhancing their knowledge of yoga and wants to reach a higher level of yoga proficiency. This is the most suitable place to train to become a yoga teacher.
Student ID : 2022000094

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