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I have absolutely broaden my horizon on my yoga journey through the 200 YTT course. I enjoyed particularly the yoga theory module which is mind-blowing to me and awaken my awareness on how the life style of a yogi should be, both mentally and physically. While the pranayama module brought me to another level of prana practice, and a brand new understanding of how breathing exercise could benefit / incorporate with my yoga practice. For the anatomy module, our tutor tried his best effort to make the class more fun and practical to daily practice.
Student ID : 2021001219

The masters who taught me well and Andiappan Yoga for the true yoga culture. I'm still learning and exploring.... Salutation to Adinatha, who taught Hatha Yoga, which is like a staircase leading you to Raja Yoga. Hatha Yoga Pradipika 1.1
Student ID : 2022000287

During the course, I have learned a great deal about yoga. Having a 200 hour course is too short to cover everything about yoga. It's a bit too fast for me to complete and to realize that there is still a long way to go before I can become a yoga teacher. I will miss you all very much and thank you so much for everything. I am also delighted to be joining Anahata on my yoga journey.
Student ID : 2022000283

Thank you Anahata Yoga teacher team, all Masters that teach the training are knowledgeable, well-experienced and professional. This course makes me deepen my knowledge about pregnancy. Let me realize the importance of yoga practice for women during pregnancy, to ensure the safety and stability between mother and baby. Give mothers the ability to happily embrace physical and mental changes during pregnancy. Thank you to all the masters of Anahata Yoga for sharing their knowledge and wisdom.
Student ID : 2014002148

I have a much deeper understanding of Yoga and it's philosophy. I become more discipline. My asana practice improved. I am excited that I can share this with my students in the future.
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The course has a good mix between theory and practical elements. I do wish there were more practical elements in practice than theory. Some classes were spent hours explaining medical terms which could be beneficial to those who wish to provide prenatal courses to women with predisposed medical condition. For regular practice, I believe standard knowledge in overall muscular structure would suffice. All the Instructors were helpful and very attentive! I really enjoyed in-person interaction with the instructors in the studio.
Student ID : 2020000176

It has been a pleasure taking this yoga course training as not only practical asanas are taught, but how to prepare yourself mentally to become a professional yoga practitioner. Yoga is not just a physical fitness workout, but a journey to understand yourself and the world around you.
Student ID : 2022000200

I have been practicing yoga for several years without seeing much progress. With this yoga training, I have not only learnt many things about yoga history and philosophy, but also improved a lot in my practice. I feel more confident and mindful in my practice. The quality of the teaching is excellent, and simple advice and techniques taught in class greatly helped my understanding of some poses. Highly recommend anyone like me to join this course to deepen the yoga practice and knowledge.
Student ID : 2022000039

Through taking the course at Anahata Yoga studio, I've learnt both theoretical and practical knowledge towards yoga practicing, including but not limited to the yoga history, literature, anatomy and different asanas etc. It truly deepens my understanding of this sport and strengthens the interest of gaining more insights of learning yoga. All in all, it was a fruitful learning journey last three months, and I made a bunch of good friends who have common interest by practicing together, what a wonderful and impressive experience!
Student ID : 2021000328

It’s my pleasure to continue my yoga journey here with all the wonderful masters and fellow classmates. The classes cover yoga history, philosophy, posture and also breathing techniques. By attending the class, I understand practicing yoga is not just for a pose or exercise, it also helps for spiritual enlightenment along the journey. It gives guidelines or codes that helps union of my mind, body and the energy. Thanks all the masters for your knowledge and experience sharing. Namaste!
Student ID : 2022000165

This 200 Hour YTT course has been very helpful for my yoga practice, and it has given me the realization that yoga is about much more than just posture, but also inner peace. As a result of taking this course, I gained a lot of knowledge about body anatomy, which helped me to understand my body better. I also gained a deeper understanding of the importance of being a yoga teacher. The Anahata's teachers are all very kind and supportive.
Student ID : 2021000746

This YTT was a great experience for me. I gained more knowledge from this course than I gained from regular group classes and it was a great learning experience for me.
Student ID : 2022000138

Though I had been teaching yoga for a while, I was not confident of teaching inversion poses to my students. Inverted poses are much more difficult to teach as many poses require the practitioner to have good coordination, open-mindedness or lack of fear, strength as well as reasonable flexibility, and few students are all-rounders, particularly beginners. They may otherwise be injured in the practice. The teacher, Master Yogananth, of this training course is very experienced and informative. We got lots of teaching/assisting opportunities in the training and the teacher shared with us his wealth of knowledge on the difficulties or limitations of different individual students, information that is highly valuable to any teacher or aspiring teachers. We also got to learn how to modify the poses to address the limitations of different individuals. I highly recommend this course to teachers and those who wish to pursue a career in yoga teaching. As the benefits of inversion poses are immeasurable, I believe they should be an integral part of a regular yoga class. Namaste
Student ID : 2022000111

All the masters are very patient and I gained a lot from the trainings. I learned a lot more than just the postures, but I learned a lot about myself and how to live a fulfilling and peaceful life. Namaste!
Student ID : 2022000235

It was an interesting course with a lot of knowledge and content. It was great to have a variety of teachers to share their teaching techniques and expertise in different fields. To summarize, it was a really good course and I look forward to sharing it with others. Thank you.
Student ID : 2022000284

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