Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course – Level 2 – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and when will I get the schedule?

Please refer to the invoice sent to your email. The detailed schedule of the course will be sent to your email three days before the course start date.

What do I need to bring for the YTT class?

 Please bring the course manual with you and also wear your yoga outfit for all the classes.

 My office finishes a bit late. Can I come 15 – 20 mins late for the class?

We strongly recommend you come to the class on time. However, the first 15 – 20 mins will include a recap of what was covered in the previous class and if it a practical module the class will start with a 15 – 20 mins warm up sequence.

Apart from the YTT class what classes do I need to attend?

As a part of your teacher training program you can attend the recommended group classes (30 classes) and also the Andiappan Yoga classes (12 classes) per level. Although Attending Andiappan Yoga class is optional, it is strongly recommended. These classes are a great way to keep a regular yoga practice and also interact with all the teachers teaching the training.

How long do I have to complete these additional classes?

Students may start taking these classes upon registration of YTT and have until 1 month after the course to finish these classes. No extension will be given for these classes. We strongly recommend you attend as many classes as possible where you get to interact with the teachers and discuss your doubts about your practice.

How can I book the group classes? I cannot book online sometimes, as it gets full. What other options do we have?

Students can book a class over the phone, in person and through an online system. For current Teacher Training students, recommended group classes can be booked up to 4 days in advance over the phone and in person. There is no priority booking for the morning Andiappan Yoga classes. Students may also walk-in and wait before the class for popular classes. There are also Andiappan Yoga classes exclusively scheduled for current Teacher Training students.

What is the late cancellation policy?

Cancellation of classes must be made 3 hours prior to the start time. Otherwise, it will be considered as a late cancellation. For the Teacher Training classes, this is for our record to know if the student comes in for the class or not. Please ensure that you check in at the reception before heading to the studio to make sure your attendance is marked.

If I late cancel or did not show up for a class. Can I get back the class hour?

As per the studio policy, late cancellation and no show are counted as if you came in for the class. Students must cancel classes 3 hours prior. It can be done over the phone, in person and through our online booking system.

What if I miss one or two classes during the YTT, how can I cover it?

We call the last Sunday of the course, Revision Week. During Revision Week, students who have missed classes or who have questions may request to go over those topics once again by sending us the date and the topics you have missed though email one week before the Revision Week.

All communications in regards to the missed classes/modules should be sent to

What If I miss the whole module, how do I retake the module? What is the procedure to retake a module? 

If you have missed more than three classes you can retake these classes during the upcoming YTTC. However, these makeup classes must be taken within the next 6 months of your batch YTTC and it’s subject to the availability and payment of an admin fee of HKD$500 for each module.

All communications in regards to the missed classes/modules should be sent to

What other things should I be aware of before/during and after the YTC?

Please make sure that your contact details are updated in our system and you have submitted your photo to us. Write the student ID mentioned in the email at the back side of your photo. Any queries about the classes/schedule/teachers please email to

Where can I get the recommended reading materials for the course?      

We also have suggested reading materials at a special rate for Teacher Training students which you can purchase online and pick up at the studio. Click here to purchase the Suggested Reading Materials for the course.

What If I miss the practical assessment class of the YTT? Can I get my certificate?

Unfortunately, practical assessment is one of the important processes of this course to get the certificate. If a student had to miss this, they must retake it in the next available course.

How does the assignment submission process work?

You will receive the assignment topics by email during the course and you can start writing the assignments and submit it online with the given login details together with your self-practice sheet and course feedback.  After reviewing your assignment, you will receive the certificate.

What If I cannot finish the Andiappan Yoga – self-practice and the recommended additional class hours how much time do I have?

Although attending Andiappan Yoga class is optional, it’s strongly recommended.  Students may start taking these classes upon registration of YTTC and have until 1 month after the course to finish these classes. No extension will be given for these classes.

What If I cannot complete the recommended group class hours within the YTT course date? How long do I have? 

Students can start taking these classes upon registration and have until 1 month after the course to finish these classes. No extension will be given for these classes.

When will I get my certificate?

Certificates will be given to students who have completed the practical assessment and have submitted all necessary requirements (assignments, recommended group classes hours sheet) and have no pending module.  You will be notified by email once you have uploaded the assignment documents.

How to join the Andiappan Yoga Community ( )?

All students those who successfully complete the course will be invited to AYC with the login details of the website sent to your email. You will also be given additional information during the last week of the course and after the practical assessment. You can become a teaching volunteer and join our community projects.

How can I register with Yoga Alliance? Do you provide any guidance?

Upon completion of the course, we can assist you with the process of registration with Yoga Alliance, USA. We will send you an email with further details after the certification.

How can I register with International Yoga Academy’s Yoga Teacher Directory?

As a graduate of our yoga teacher training program, we give you a lifetime free listing of your profile on the school’s website .   Listing your profile on the school’s website will enhance your credibility when you apply for a teaching job. You will receive an email with the login details and information on how to register your teacher’s profile.