Anahata Yoga Group Private

Highlights of Anahata Yoga’s group private class
Taught by  Highly experienced Yoga Masters

Personal Attention: Get personalized attention and cater to individual needs and learning styles as the class size is limited to a maximum of 8 students.

Collaborative Learning: It can help students collaborate and support each other, leading to enhanced understanding of the practice and consistent progress.

Cost – effective: It is an affordable alternative to one-on-one private classes, as the cost can be shared among group members.

Motivation: Effective in providing motivation for focused practice and addressing individual limitations in a targeted manner.

Fun and Engaging: Offer a focused and enjoyable learning environment for students to practice specific poses and variations that suit their needs.

Get ready to see a breakthrough in your yoga journey today!!

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Group Private Class Packages – ( Group Size 4 – 8 Pax)

Members Price

( Per Person)

Non- Member Price

( Per Person)

Drop in -1 class
1 week
HKD 500
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HKD 550
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10 Classes
 3  Months
HKD 4200
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HKD 4600
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20 Classes
6  Months
HKD 8000
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HKD 8800
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Terms and Conditions

  • Members are defined as those with an Anahata Yoga annual group membership or those currently studying a teacher training course (the duration of the course which is the course starting date until the course ending date)*
  • Early Cancellation is 24 hrs before the class starting time. Cancellation can be done only via the mind body app from 9 am – 11.55 pm.
  • This group private class credits can be used to book group private class with all instructors except our head teacher Master Yogananth.
  • The company reserves the right to change the class schedule, dates or instructors without any notice.
  • Once payment for the package is made, it can not be cancelled or refunded.
  • Anahata Yoga reserves the right for final decisions in the case of disputes.
  • Before making a purchase, please review the terms and conditions as well as the frequently asked questions section for the Group Private class on this page. Please note that these may be subject to change from time to time.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to book the group private class, and whats is the maximum number per class?
Group Private classes can be pre-booked 7 days before via the the mindbody app.  The scheduled group private class will appear in the class schedule page and can be booked or cancelled in the same way as regular group classes. You can book and cancel the booking via mind body application from 9 am – 11.55 pm. 
If you need any assistance  with the mindbody app, you can call the studio during the studio opening hours and our staff can assist you. Opening Hour: Monday to Friday : 6:45-21:30, Weekend and Public Holiday : 7:30-19:00.  There will be maximum of 8 students in a group private class.
What is the cancellation policy for the group private class?

Group Private Class Cancellation must be made through Mindbody with at least 24 hours notice.  Any cancellation within 24hrs the credit will not be returned.

How are the masters assigned for the group private class? Can I just choose one Master to attend the group private class for the package I bought?

`We assign masters based on the availability, request made by the  students. Please note the private class packages are not sold exclusively for one teacher. Teachers are assigned and confirmed based on their availability 15 days before the classs, and it is strongly recommended that you have at least two or three choices to ensure regular practice. Teachers may have to travel, may be ill, teach teacher training classes, or hold workshops, so they may not be able to teach private lessons at a particular day and time every week.

If you wish to take a particular master’s private class we suggest you do drop in for each class as the master’s schedule will be confirmed 2 weeks before the class.

Are there any difference in price for members and non-members of Anahata Yoga?

The private class fee differs for members and non-members.  Members are defined as those with an Anahata Yoga annual group membership or those currently studying a teacher training course (the duration of the course which is the course starting date until the course ending date)*

What if I have a group of 6 people ready to join as a group private and to choose our own day, time and teacher, is that possible?

A group private class can be started with a minimum of six people and maximum of 8. The day and time of the class are subject to availability  so we suggest you plan two or three day and time options per week as we need to block the schedule of the teacher and confirm his availability. The studio can change the teacher if they are not available due to leave, workshops, or other classes. In such cases, if a confirmed class  has been cancelled, and the credit will be extended accordingly. Students have the option to choose another teacher or to have a friend attend the class, but non-members will need to pay the fee difference.

What if I am unable to finish all the credits within the validity period, can  I carry forward or ask a friend  attend on my behalf?

You always have the option to carry forward two unsed credits for every ten classes purchased.

Guidelines for replacing the 2 hours / classes in a 10 hours / class package (and 4 hours/classes in a 20 hours/classes package) 

*Terms and conditions for replacement of the hour/class *

members can replace an existing member at no extra cost

non-members can replace a non-member at no extra cost

non-members can replace a member with an additional fee of HKD 100 per hour/class

no refund will be given if a member replaces a non-member

Can I suspend my package for medical or travel reasons?

Two credits for every ten credits can be carried forward or given to a friend to use. You can also pass the package to a friend who is not a current member of anahata yoga if the class cannot continue due to medical reason. Non-members will need to make up the fee difference. However we do consider special cases for medical reasons  with the proper supporting documents and review case by case for extensions. But cancellation of the purchase or refund is not possible.