100-hours Pranayama and Meditation Teacher Training Course (Mon, Wed & Fri Morning) - [ 05th September 2022 ~ 03rd October 2022]


Learn the art of mindfulness and mindful living

Meditation is one of the most discussed topics in the health and wellness industry today. There are many scientific research findings which show how simple meditative practices can heal various ailments in our body and mind, one of the unique benefits of yoga has to offer is its ancient Indian meditation technique benefits and the meditative benefits which can be integrated into various alternative and holistic therapy methods.

Why meditate and what are the benefits?

As the goal of meditation is different from individual to individual, one of the most common benefits which are backed by scientific studies show reduced stress for those who meditate regularly.

For as short as ten to fifteen minutes of meditation a day is enough for a person to feel more positive and physically and mentally relaxed, and practicing it regularly could transform one’s life. Meditation helps one to calm the mind.

Through better control, one is able to consciously calm the mind and its emotional pattern and learn how it processes new information.

Calming one’s mind has a positive impact on every aspect of one’s life: one’s emotional health and self-esteem, stress levels, work performance, discipline, relationships, overall happiness and physical health.

What is the connection between breathing and the mind? 

Being aware of the breath and its process is known to be one of the most powerful ways to meditate. Various breathing techniques in yoga are practiced to gain deeper and longer breaths. Taking deep breaths calms the mind, as it triggers neurons in the brain which helps the body to relax. Body, breathe and mind is all closely connected. If the flow of breath is erratic, the thoughts will be erratic as well. If the breath is slow, smooth, long and deep, then the mind follows. One should note oxygenating the lungs fills the brain with oxygen. With fresh air, the flow of thoughts is in tune with nature. With stagnant breathing, the thoughts also have the same quality. The first and most effective way to start meditation is to regulate your breathing pattern.

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