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Thirumoolar’s Ashtanga Yoga

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An Authoritative Book in Yoga Therapy, Thirumoolar's Ashtanga Yoga presents a Holistic approach to physical well-being and mental calm by offering some very special features

- asanas and satvic diets for various diseases
- 38 primary asanas, explained step-by-step
- asanas for women, and their special benefits
- ancient curative techniques of urine therapy

Various tables and charts, Columns and listings, and easy-to-follow instructions make it highly readable. A well-researched index of Sanskrit words explains word-meanings in simple terms. A table of Primary asanas lists the muscles worked, glands activated, and animals represented in the various postures, Vital Techniques in breathing and tratak meditation have all been explained in loving detail.

Thirumoolar's Ashtanga Yoga is direct, simple, and effective. Superb posture demonstrations are enhanced by brilliant photography. Elegantly adapted and artistically designed in full color, this book offers the best reading enjoyment.

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