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Master Kehsav's Workshop

We have postponed his Yoga to improve hip strength and mobility - Workshop to 4th December 2021 2.30 - 5.30 pm If you can attend the workshop on the above date please send an email to to confirm. If you cannot attend the workshop you can either choose to keep this payment as a credit in your mind-body account and use it to purchase any upcoming workshops, annual and short term group membership or private class packages. The credit in mind-body should be redeemed within 12 months from 8th November - 7 Feb 2022.  If you wish to get a refund please send us your Bank account number details to the above email and we will arrange the refund in 5 working days. We apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused and we sincerely thank you for your support and understanding.

Vaccinated Class ( Mask Free) Registration 

Dear Members,

We are happy to let you know Anahata Yoga will be launching a vaccinated class (Mask Free class) for members who are fully vaccinated starting Monday, October 25, 2021.

Please visit this page and submit your vaccination record. Once it has been approved, you will receive an email confirmation and can start booking classes that are highlighted as a vaccinated class.

Please note non-vaccinated members will NOT be allowed in the vaccinated classes even if they choose to wear a mask. However, students who are fully vaccinated and have been approved to attend the vaccinated classes may choose to still wear masks in the vaccinated class.

For members' vaccinated records which have not been approved, please refrain from booking the vaccinated class until your vaccinated records have been approved.

For private classes, if the teacher and member(s) are fully vaccinated and records approved, the students may choose to practice with or without masks.

For Teacher Training classes, should ALL the students in the one batch have all been fully vaccinated and submitted their vaccination records, then students may choose to remove their masks inside the class. However, if anyone has not been fully vaccinated or submitted their record, unfortunately, all students must continue to wear their masks even if they are fully vaccinated.

Please note members are only allowed to remove their masks inside the class as masks must still be worn at all times in common areas, except while drinking water and showering.

We thank you for your support.

Anahata Yoga

I am not vaccinated and feel isolated with the new vaccinated class arrangements.

Kindly note that Anahata Yoga has hundreds of members that practice yoga regularly that have different requests, demands and suggestions. It is our responsibility to balance the needs of different interest groups and to best accommodate as many requests as possible in the planning of the weekly schedule.  Please understand it is not always possible to meet the wish list of every member nor make everyone happy.

As many of you know, many yoga studios have already introduced vaccinated classes for a while and we have waited for some time to ensure the transition is smooth and to enable as many members to get vaccinated as possible before the vaccinated classes are launched.

There are four key points we would like to highlight and to bring to your attention especially to the members who are concerned.

(1) We have increased capacity by forty percent recently with the additional floor space to ensure all classes have additional spots available. 

(2) Live stream and online classes have been kept open to enable members to have the option to attend the vaccinated classes via online classes.

(3) Only two vaccinated classes have been introduced at the moment and we have ensured there are alternate classes available at a similar times for members to attend should they wish to attend an in-studio class.

(4) Recently, booking and waitlist notification systems have been introduced on SMS as well as email for the convenience of our members in managing their class bookings. 

Reasonable feedbacks are always welcome and class attendance is closely monitored to enhance planning for both regular and vaccinated classes to ensure the optimal preference of our members are met.

We kindly request your understanding.  Please rest assured we are always striving to balance the needs of different interest groups and will do our best to address every member's request. 


Anahata Yoga