Latest announcement updated on 19 May 2022

Announcement regarding  mask free classes.  

We are pleased to inform you that the Government has lifted the mask requirement for indoor exercising which include yoga studios effective May 19th, 2022.  

Anahata Yoga has implemented all necessary measures to comply with these guidelines.

Students have the option not to wear masks should they wish and also welcome to keep the mask on if they wish. It is compulsory to wear masks outside the studio premise except when showering.

Thank you for your support and understanding

Anahata Yoga Team

Announcement to those who previously registered for the Back Bending workshop - originally scheduled on January 29 & 30 2022. Namaste In light of government mandated COVID closure announcements, the workshop had to be rescheduled to 4 and 5 June 2022. All participants were informed of the workshop postponement announcement and their mindbody accounts were credited with the amount paid for the workshop. For those who wish to attend this workshop on this rescheduled date, you may confirm your participation with the Customer Support  by sending a WhatsApp message to + 852 92990752 and we will use the credit to enroll you in the workshop. You may use your credit for a friend by sending us the friend's name, email address, and telephone number, and we will use that credit for the friend. The workshop credit in the mindbody account is valid until 30th January 2023 and may be applied to purchase group class memberships, workshops, and teacher training courses in the studio. Your understanding and support is greatly appreciated. Anahata Yoga 12 May 2022
Studio Re-opening Announcement - 19 April 2022
We are pleased to announce that we will be offering face-to-face classes beginning on April 21, 2022. Kindly refer to the updated studio policy below for details on the latest social distancing measures.
* Students must always wear masks (except when showering and drinking water).
* All visitors must scan the Leave home safe app and scan the vaccination records QR code.
* Please arrive at least 10 minutes early for class to check in. Late comers will not be allowed to enter the class five minutes after it has started.
* Handbags and personal belongings are not allowed in the studio and must be left in the lockers.
* The yoga mats in the studio should not be moved since they are placed according to guidelines for social distancing.
In the event that you should make a false declaration, you acknowledge that you should be liable to indemnify the studio against all losses and damages suffered by the studio or by any other person as a consequence of having made such false declaration.
Mask must be worn at all times except while drinking and showering. The studio reserves the right to turn away any person who does not follow any of the social distancing measures without any refund.
Group Class: Group classes will be scheduled and bookings for the group classes can be made 3 days in advance via the mindbody online booking system mobile app and through our Anahata Yoga Class Schedule page from 9 am - 11.55 pm.
Please remember to cancel the the confirmed/ wait listed group classes 3 hours before the class starting time.
Private Classes: Private Classes can be booked/modified/ cancelled via the WhatsApp group.
All ongoing Teacher Training Classes will resume from 21st April 2022 face to face and students can still choose to attend online via the google meet link provided in the student portal.
We look forward to welcoming you at Anahata Yoga and start your yoga journey with our professional yoga masters.
Anahata Yoga Team
Announcement Date: 4th April 2022
Dear Members

We are excited to welcome you back on April 21st (hopefully there will not be any delays in opening) to continue your yoga practice face-to-face with our great masters.

The past three months have been very difficult for everyone, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts and hope everything will return to normal soon.

Numerous emails and phone calls came in from our members regarding how much they are enjoying our online yoga classes.  They also mentioned how much participating in yoga regularly helped them maintain a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally.

In order to cater to the requirements of our members, we have planned to hire additional staff in order to maintain normal operations. However, due to the longer lockdown period and quarantine requirements, some staff have yet to return to Hong Kong.

In order to enable a smooth transition from the online to face-to-face mode back to our studio classes, the following arrangements have been made to give our members the best learning experience possible.

The extension for the private classes will be applied to your membership account upon receiving the final confirmation from the government that we can open on 21st April 2022.

Annual group classes membership packages will be extended upon renewal of your membership. Members who have renewed their packages during the lockdown period have already been granted these If you received an extension for the closure period, please verify your Mindbody account.

To comply with the new check-in procedure of scanning the leave home safe app, members are kindly requested to cooperate with this requirement as it is required by law.

To facilitate the updated check-in procedures and book classes efficiently, we have made the following changes as a precaution and everything will be back to normal once we return to normal operation. 

Hand towels are provided in the changing room so that members can take ONE to use for their practice in the studio and the big towels are strictly for showers only and not to be used in the yoga studios.

Bookings can be made in the mindbody app and on our website schedule page only.

Private classes can be booked and canceled through the private class whatsapp group

Bookings can be made by all our members three days in advance for all group yoga classes and Andiappan yoga classes.

Please note our policies may be amended regularly to reflect the requirements of our customers needs as well as the government mandated measures.

We look forward to welcoming you all in the studio on 21st April 2022.

Yours in health

Anahata Yoga Team


Your continued support for Anahata Yoga is greatly appreciated. 

In light of the high number of COVID cases currently in Hong Kong, we wish to bring to your attention that the government may soon announce a total lock down, in which case our staff may not be able to visit the studio. Due to the very high daily numbers, either their close contacts or themselves may be at risk of getting covid positive.

We have prepared for such events and all our online group class booking systems are automated and are capable of running smoothly without manual intervention.

Please book your online group classes through the mindbody app to receive links to the online classes directly to your inbox. If the online group class links are not found in your inbox, please check your junk /spam folder.

Make sure that you follow these recommendations to ensure a smooth online booking process.

•Regularly update your mindbody app in your device.

•Please book the online group class via our class schedule page if you are having trouble booking the online group class through the mindbody app.

•Booking for the online group class will stop 20 mins before the class starting time.

•To avoid delays in sending the online group class zoom link email, please book at least 20 minutes before the class starts.

Please be aware of the reception operation hours during the COVID closure period

Monday to Friday: 9 AM to 6.30 PM, Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays 9AM to 6 PM

We are working to make changes to the schedule based on the suggestions and recommendations from our members, and if you have any suggestions to offer, we're all ears.

Namaste, Anahata Yoga Team

DATE: 4 FEB 2022 100HRS INVERSION TEACHER TRAINING COURSE - POSTPONED Dear Members Due to the Government's mandated social distancing order, "The 100 hours Inversion Teacher Training course" scheduled for February 11, 2022, will need to be postponed until further notice. We will let you all know the scheduled date as soon as we have further news on when social distancing will be relaxed to enable the inversion teacher training course to be held in the studio. Thank you for your attention and understanding in this matter.

Due to the Government's mandated social distancing order, "Master Yogananth's Back bending workshops" scheduled for January 29 and 30, 2022 will need to be postponed until further notice.

We will let you all know the scheduled dates as soon as we have further news on when the studio can open for in-studio classes.  Thank you for your attention and understanding in this matter.

Dear Members

As you know this is not the first time we are seeing such lockdown measures mandated by the government. we have had 3 lockdowns in the past and at Anahata Yoga, we have made the best possible arrangements for any such unexpected lockdowns.

In the recent Anahata Yoga survey, over 95% of the respondents have answered yoga has helped improve physical and mental health as they kept regular practice during the past year even throughout the lockdown periods. 

Over 75 % of respondents practised yoga online regularly as they enjoy all our classes at the comfort of their home/ office and also can still stay regular with their yoga practice during these lockdown times. We will offer a full schedule online during this lockdown time to support our members during these times.  

In an internal teacher review, we see students who practice regularly online during lockdown have become more focused and become more independent with their practice as they make their own effort to do their best in the practice.  

Students gained a lot of benefits and understood the importance of meditation and relaxation practices and how these can help them effectively combat stress and depression in these trying times. 

Kindly visit this page regularly further covid measures related updated  or you may write to

Please note the following arrangement for the packages and courses we offer.

Annual Group class Packages
  Courtesy extension for the closure period will be added when you renew the annual group membership.The applicable extension days will be added to your renewed package.   We still offer a full schedule of online classes during the closure period.Students can continue to practice with online classes during the closure period.
Private Class Packages
   All private class packages will be extended for the duration  of the closure period, all in-studio private bookings will be cancelled during this period accordingly
Kids Yoga Class package
  Packages will be extended for the duration of the lockdown period.
Current Teacher Training Course Students
Ongoing Teacher Training classes – please refer to the email sent to you and apply with the relevant options. Please read the email and the announcement we made in the student portal before writing to us as the options are already clearly mentioned on our website teacher training course details page.  A one-time 15-day extension will be given to all ongoing teacher training batch Recommended group and Andiappan Yoga classes.
Short term Packages / Coupons / Complimentary packages / Completed Teacher Training batch Group and andiappan Yoga classes
Please keep up with your practice online during the lockdown period.


Dear Members 

In regards to the recent government announcements for the closure of the fitness and yoga studios for 14 days starting this Friday 7th January 2022 we will continue to run all the group classes online.

For the ongoing and upcoming teacher training courses, a separate email will be sent to the students about the class arrangements as per the options given on the teacher training website.  

Please check out this page regularly for further updates as we will make announcements as per the government measures

Stay safe and continue to practice regularly with our masters with our online class options. 

Master Kehsav's Workshop

We have postponed his Yoga to improve hip strength and mobility - Workshop to 4th December 2021 2.30 - 5.30 pm If you can attend the workshop on the above date please send an email to to confirm. If you cannot attend the workshop you can either choose to keep this payment as a credit in your mind-body account and use it to purchase any upcoming workshops, annual and short term group membership or private class packages. The credit in mind-body should be redeemed within 12 months from 8th November - 7 Feb 2022.  If you wish to get a refund please send us your Bank account number details to the above email and we will arrange the refund in 5 working days. We apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused and we sincerely thank you for your support and understanding.

Vaccinated Class ( Mask Free) Registration 

Dear Members,

We are happy to let you know Anahata Yoga will be launching a vaccinated class (Mask Free class) for members who are fully vaccinated starting Monday, October 25, 2021.

Please visit this page and submit your vaccination record. Once it has been approved, you will receive an email confirmation and can start booking classes that are highlighted as a vaccinated class.

Please note non-vaccinated members will NOT be allowed in the vaccinated classes even if they choose to wear a mask. However, students who are fully vaccinated and have been approved to attend the vaccinated classes may choose to still wear masks in the vaccinated class.

For members' vaccinated records which have not been approved, please refrain from booking the vaccinated class until your vaccinated records have been approved.

For private classes, if the teacher and member(s) are fully vaccinated and records approved, the students may choose to practice with or without masks.

For Teacher Training classes, should ALL the students in the one batch have all been fully vaccinated and submitted their vaccination records, then students may choose to remove their masks inside the class. However, if anyone has not been fully vaccinated or submitted their record, unfortunately, all students must continue to wear their masks even if they are fully vaccinated.

Please note members are only allowed to remove their masks inside the class as masks must still be worn at all times in common areas, except while drinking water and showering.

We thank you for your support.

Anahata Yoga

I am not vaccinated and feel isolated with the new vaccinated class arrangements.

Kindly note that Anahata Yoga has hundreds of members that practice yoga regularly that have different requests, demands and suggestions. It is our responsibility to balance the needs of different interest groups and to best accommodate as many requests as possible in the planning of the weekly schedule.  Please understand it is not always possible to meet the wish list of every member nor make everyone happy.

As many of you know, many yoga studios have already introduced vaccinated classes for a while and we have waited for some time to ensure the transition is smooth and to enable as many members to get vaccinated as possible before the vaccinated classes are launched.

There are four key points we would like to highlight and to bring to your attention especially to the members who are concerned.

(1) We have increased capacity by forty percent recently with the additional floor space to ensure all classes have additional spots available. 

(2) Live stream and online classes have been kept open to enable members to have the option to attend the vaccinated classes via online classes.

(3) Only two vaccinated classes have been introduced at the moment and we have ensured there are alternate classes available at a similar times for members to attend should they wish to attend an in-studio class.

(4) Recently, booking and waitlist notification systems have been introduced on SMS as well as email for the convenience of our members in managing their class bookings. 

Reasonable feedbacks are always welcome and class attendance is closely monitored to enhance planning for both regular and vaccinated classes to ensure the optimal preference of our members are met.

We kindly request your understanding.  Please rest assured we are always striving to balance the needs of different interest groups and will do our best to address every member's request. 


Anahata Yoga