Inclement Weather Class Arramgents

Typhoon 8 weather / Black Rainstorm announcement and class arrangements

Dear members 

Studio Group/ Andiappan Yoga Classes

Please note due to the typhoon 8 signal we have cancelled all the studio classes for the rest of the day. Students can book online classes as usual. Please refer to our class schedule  for the online classes scheduled for today and tomorrow. 

Private Classes

All private classes at the studio will be cancelled.  Students can choose to do online private classes. Please book it through the Private Class WhatsApp Group.

Teacher Training Classes

All the teacher training Classes will be conducted online. Please refer to the teacher training student portal for the online class link and course manual/notes download.

Please note if the Typhoon 8 / Black Rain signal is lowered after 4 pm tomorrow the studio classes will remain cancelled. 

We thank you for your support and understanding.  Please enjoy our online yoga classes and keep regular with the practice.