Studio Update: Reception has been moved to 20/F

Reception has been moved from 18/F to 20/F. Please check-in at the reception before going for the classes.


Dear Member, Please note the shower facilities will not be available until 11th August as the studio reception will relocate from 18/f to 20/F in the same building. Also, there will be no studio classes on 10th August except private classes and online classes.
The studio clasess will resume from 11th August 2021. We apologize for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your support and understanding.

Dear Members, Please note when you book a class each time you will receive a class booking /waitlist confirmation email that includes an explanation of the booking and cancellation policy of the studio. Please note all yoga studios are running with limited capacity due to social distancing measures and members booking the spot and not cancelling on time or no show leads to other members complaining /unhappy about the classes always being full. They are even unhappy to see empty spots in the class and the studio does not take any action to stop members from inconsiderate behavior. To be fair to all members please be considerate in booking and cancelling the class before the late cancellation time period. We always give a one-time courtesy waiver to all members who failed to cancel in time. We only impose this suspension policy for those who ignore the one-time courtesy waiver. Please note even during the suspension you can book the class at the reception in person or walk into the studio to attend the class. Kindly don’t take this suspension policy negatively but please be supportive and considerate to ensure all members of the studio can book the class and enjoy their practice.  Please note this cancellation policy applies to all the members of the studio without any exception. Please read the booking the cancellation policy again on our website if you have any doubts.
If you choose not to attend the class please remember to cancel 3 hrs before the class even if you still on the waitlist. If you have waitlisted for the class to start in the morning the next day, please be prepared to come to the class on time or cancel the waitlist before 11.59 pm the day before, otherwise, it will be considered a late cancellation.

Date: 10th Feb 2021.
Dear Members
Due to the Chinese new year holiday celebration, the studio will remain closed for the 1st and 2nd day of the Lunar new year. (12 and 13 Feb 2021). The online classes will resume on the 14th of February 2021.
We wish you all a healthy, happy, and prosperous new year.
Yours in health
Anahata Yoga Team.