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Yoga Teacher Training Frequently Asked Questions

What are the COVID – 19 Safety Measures for our ongoing and upcoming Yoga Teacher Training Courses, Class Arrangements made by Anahata Yoga Studio.

COVID – 19 Safety Measures for our ongoing and upcoming Yoga Teacher Training Courses – Class Arrangements. 

The safety of our students and staff is our top priority.

Currently (Effective from 18th Feb 2021) all the teacher training classes are conducted face to face in the studio. Regular group/ private classes are also conducted in the studio.

Online Class Participation Option: Students may also choose to attend our Teacher Training courses and recommended group and Andiappan Yoga classes, and complete the practical assessment online, and submit written assignments online.

If the Hong Kong government announces the temporary closure of yoga studios due to COVID social distancing measures, we will conduct the teacher training theory topics such as the yoga intro module, yoga anatomy module through interactive online learning mode.

For students who wish not to attend the practical part of the teacher training online during the mandatory closure of yoga studios, we give the following options.

Missed Classes Retake Option: You can skip attending the online classes in the current batch and join the teacher training classes when the classes are moved back to the studio. We will arrange to assign you to another batch (subject to availability) and complete the missed classes. Please note you have six months to complete the remaining classes (online or studio classes) from the current batch commencement date. Due to mandatory Covid lockdown measures, we will waive the class retake admin fee.


Batch Transfer Option: You can apply for a one-time free batch transfer before the start of the current course to another upcoming batch which starts within the next six months of the current course start date. You have to choose two batch options to request for this batch transfer. Please note once the batch transfer is approved (subject to availability), all the teacher training classes must be completed within the same batch.

Any offers, promotions, or special approvals were given to original batch students will not be given to the batch transfer/ retake students who choose any one of the above arrangements.

At Anahata, we strive to give the best learning experience possible and to help you stay inspired on your yoga journey.

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